EMV Migration Forum releases consumer education guide

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The EMV Migration Forum has released “Recommended Communications Best Practices,” a step-by-step guide designed to help issuers and merchants develop effective consumer education efforts as the U.S. migrates to chip technology.

“[E]ducating consumers effectively throughout the transition will help merchants and issuers to realize the security benefits of chip cards and increase chip-on-chip transactions volumes more quickly,” said Randy Vanderhoof, director of the EMV Migration Forum. “This guide provides the foundation for issuers and merchants to develop these important consumer-facing communication plans.”

The guide recommends a three-pronged approach to convey details about the use of chip technology and the security benefits that accompany each stage of the migration:

Consistency: The industry is encouraged to use standardized language (such as that provided in the Forum’s Glossary of Standardized Terminology) to promoted recognition and understanding of information and reduce the possibility of miscommunication.

Continuous education: The guide recommends that issuers and merchants educate before, during and after card issuance and chip enablement, and that they increase the scope of these efforts following card issuance and terminal implementation. Issuers should focus on awareness of the chip card and notification that it is coming; merchants should focus on changes to terminals. Once the card is issued, education efforts should shift to activation, security benefits and use of the card in stores.

Multichannel communication: Issuers can provide educational materials via card carriers, statement inserts, ATMs, branches, call centers, the Internet, advertising, social media, email and direct mail. Merchants can use cashiers and receipts, call centers, the Internet, advertising, social media, email and direct mail. The guide provides messaging recommendations for each channel.

Download “Recommended Communications Best Practices.” 

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