Report: Mobile tops ATM as banking screen of first choice

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According to a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research, “mobile first” consumers — i.e., those who primarily use a mobile device for checking account access at their primary bank — now number almost 1 in 4 (23 percent). By comparison, mobile users who named the ATM as their primary point of access represented 1 in 10 of all respondents in the study.

But mobile-first consumers are by no means mobile-only consumers. Javelin found that they also demonstrate high rates of online, mobile, ATM use, and average rates of branch use. They are more likely to be younger, female, and have children at home than online-first or branch-first customers.

They prefer giant banks, are fee-sensitive and are more likely to switch banks within the next 12 months. Capturing these consumers’ demands will involve rethinking customers’ mobile experiences from start to finish, Javelin said.

“Currently, mobile bankers are not able finish transactions on mobile devices and are purposefully shifted to online or branch channels for completion, causing frustration,” said Mary Monahan, executive vice president and research director at Javelin. “Financial institutions should aim to create a unified view of the customer and offer a more seamless, easily navigated banking experience, to appeal to the broader user community.”

The report, “The Rise of the Mobile First Consumer — and What that Means for Banking,” is based on the primary research into the habits and preferences of American adults who consider themselves to be mobile first.

The report includes three online surveys to assess mobile behaviors and attitudes, and also provides a comparison of FIs of differing sizes from community banks to giant national banking services providers.

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