Study: Companies must reassure consumers about safety of big data

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Consumers are worried about the security of their data on connected devices, according to new research by consumer technology consultants Parks Associates. Most notably, 40 percent of U.S. broadband households are worried about the security of smartphones, the company revealed in its new report, “Privacy and Big Data: Safeguarding Consumers.”

“Several high-profile breaches, including the hack of Target shoppers in 2014, drove this industry change, and while the headlines shook consumer confidence in their data security, they don’t hear much about the solutions,” said Brad Russell, a research analyst at Parks.

“Companies need to communicate the steps they are taking to protect consumer privacy and data in order to build broader consumer confidence in the [Internet of Things] ecosystem.”

Among U.S. broadband households, connected devices that prompted the highest levels of concern included computers, tablets, smartphones, smart door locks, and smart garage openers, Parks said in a press release.

“Big data offers tremendous opportunities to enhance every aspect of business operations, but it carries a whole new level of liability and responsibility,” Russell said. “Service providers, manufacturers and app developers can all build personalized value-added services based on the data generated by these devices, but first consumers need to have the confidence to use these devices. Security is the price of big data benefits.”

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