Apple Pay coming to Starbucks’ registers in 2016

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Starbucks afficianados soon will be able to use Apple Pay to purchase a venti soy caramel latte, but it remains to be seen whether that fancy drink will count towards their rewards stash.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, announced the partnership with Starbucks during Thursday’s Code Mobile conference, a tech industry event sponsored by re/code.

Bailey said all Starbucks stores will accept Apple Pay in 2016, and that the mobile-payment system is also coming to KFC and Chili’s.

Starbucks told the New York Times in a statement that it would test Apple Pay is some stores this year before rolling it out in the U.S. next year. The company said it has been accepting Apple Pay in the U.K. for the past few months.

Bailey declined to comment on whether Starbucks Apple Pay purchases would qualify for the chain’s rewards system. Starbucks’ mobile app is linked to its rewards system and is the primary reason why 20 percent of all its sales happen through that particular channel.

At the moment, Apple Pay can use the system to reload their prepaid accounts within the Starbucks mobile app.

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