MCX makes it easier to link checking accounts to CurrentC

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The Merchant Customer Exchange announced Oct. 16 it will add Buy It Mobility Networks Inc.’s guaranteed, ACH payment tender to the CurrentC mobile payment system, according to a press release.

Using BIM’s technology, MCX said, consumers will be able to quickly and securely connect their checking accounts to the CurrentC mobile wallet app.

BIM also enables a more streamlined account provisioning process, and incorporates several technologies to reduce the typical one- to three-day enrollment authentication process to less than 60 seconds in many cases, according to the announcement. BIM offers fast account verification for more than 90 percent of the checking accounts in the U.S., and more than 3 million customers already exist on the BIM platform due to the company’s existing partnerships.

“We are hearing directly from consumers about the importance of having choices when it comes to payment within the app,” MCX CEO Brian Mooney said in a statement. “With BIM’s technology and the ability to pay via a checking account, consumers will soon have several options for paying for goods and services using CurrentC. While consumers want options, they also want security. We chose BIM’s technology for its seamless integration with CurrentC, security features and fraud prevention capabilities.”

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