Checking up on ‘The Disappearing Check’

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Digital Check has announced the publication of its second and third installments in a series on the future of checks, called “The Disappearing Check.”

The company’s first entry in the series, “How Much Longer Until the End?,” examined the decline of the paper check over the past decade and its likely future as a payment method.

Digital Check concluded that although the volume of paper checks would continue to decline, the drop-off would slow as the medium’s disruptors reached maturity and encountered use cases that would prove more difficult to displace.

“The Disappearing Check Part 2: Assessing the Decline,” looks at recent statistics — including the latest ACH report by NACHA — and historical trends in a bid to confirm or disprove the first paper’s hypothesis.

“The Disappearing Check Part 3: Predicting the Endgame,” which is included with the part two download, tries to divine whether the banking industry or regulators will move to phase out checks, and looks to the experience of other check-writing countries to determine when this could occur.

All three installments of The Disappearing Check” are available for free download from the Digital Check website.

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