US House of Representatives:



House Financial Services Committee:



Hearing entitled “Oversight of the Financial Stability Oversight Council” 
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 10:00 AM in 2128 Rayburn HOB 
Full Committee

Click here for the Committee Memorandum.

Witness List

  • The Honorable Richard Cordray, Director, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
  • The Honorable Thomas J. Curry, Comptroller of the Currency, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • The Honorable Martin J. Gruenberg, Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • The Honorable Timothy G. Massad, Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • The Honorable Debbie Matz, Chairwoman, National Credit Union Administration
  • The Honorable Melvin L. Watt, Director, Federal Housing Finance Agency
  • The Honorable Mary Jo White, Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission
  • The Honorable S. Roy Woodall, Jr., Independent Member with Insurance Expertise, Financial Stability Oversight Council


Hearing entitled “Legislative Proposals to Improve the U.S. Capital Markets” 
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 10:00 AM in 2128 Rayburn HOB 
Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises

Click here for the Committee Memorandum.

The hearing will focus on the following legislative proposals:

  • H.R. 3784, the “SEC Small Business Advocate Act”
  • H.R. 3798, the “Due Process Restoration Act”
  • H.R. ____, the “Helping Angels Lead Our Startups (HALOS) Act”
  • H.R. ____, the “Fostering Innovation Act”
  • H.R. ____, the “Small Business Capital Formation Enhancement Act”


  • The Honorable Joseph Grundfest, William A. Franke Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School (TTF)
  • Mr. Brian Hahn, Chief Financial Officer, GlycoMimetics, on behalf of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (TTF)
  • Dr. Joseph V. Carcello, EY and Business Alumni Professor, Department of Accounting and Information Management, Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee (TTF)
  • Mr. Chris Mathieu, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Horizon Technology Finance, on behalf of the Small Business Investor Alliance (TTF)
  • Mr. Tom Quaadman, Vice President, Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (TTF)





Markup of HR 2187, HR 2205, HR 2287, HR 3700, HR 3784, HR 3791, HR 4168, and the Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing Resolution of 2016 
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 2:00 PM in 2128 Rayburn HOB 
Full Committee

The Committee on Financial Services will meet in open session, and subsequent days if necessary, to consider, in an order to be determined by the Chairman, the following measures:


House Floor:


Possible Consideration of the Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 644 – Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 

Possible Consideration of Legislation to Extend Certain Provisions of the Tax Code

Possible Consideration of a Consolidated Appropriations Act

Possible Consideration of the Senate Amendment to H.R. 3762 – Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015


US Senate:


Senate Banking Committee:

No Hearings Scheduled

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