IAD survey finds low incidence of card compromise at nonbank ATMs

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The National ATM Council has formally published the results of its study of skimming at nonbank ATMs. According to a NAC press release, of the U.S.-based independent ATM deployers who took the survey, 93 percent said they had never experienced a skimming incident at any of their retail ATMs.

The survey polled 166 U.S. independents whose fleets range in size from a single ATM to more than 5,000 machines.

Of the survey respondents, more than half said they have been in the ATM business for at least 10 years and inspect their ATMs at least once a week.

“These skimming survey results confirm that retail ATMs are secure and the incidence of card data theft is extremely low,” said NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard. “At the same time, we recognize from prior experiences in other countries that we are likely to see a rise in card fraud and skimming in the near term, with the implementation of EMV in the U.S.”

The NAC findings seem to contradict data from FICO Card Alert Service showing that retail ATMs have become a prime target for card compromise over the last 12 months.

In an April 8 press release, FICO said that “[c]riminal activity was highest at nonbank ATMs, such as those in convenience stores, where 10 times as many machines were compromised [in 2015] as in 2014.”

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