NCR Innovation Lab aims for R&D excellence with ’90-Day Challenge’

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NCR Corp. has announced that it will officially launch the NCR Innovation Lab, an R&D hub that will focus on cross-functional research, innovation and design. The new hub will be housed at the company’s new global headquarters building now under construction in Atlanta.

The NCR Innovation Lab will be tasked with a mission to keep NCR at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in areas such as mobile, big data, the cloud, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

The lab will seek to leverage these technologies to create solutions for digital commerce in a wide variety of industries, the release said.

“Omnichannel has evolved,” said Eli Rosner, chief technology officer and senior vice president of software solutions at NCR. “It is now a strategic, end-to-end solution with a horizontal opportunity across all industries, in every geography, and for all tiers of customers. NCR has a big role in shaping this industry, enabling digitally integrated businesses, and powering the digital economy for our customers.”

The lab’s first project, the “90-Day Challenge,” brought together R&D and product teams to design and develop new solutions. The company said that this program resulted in a working demo and several patent application filings earlier this year.

NCR intends to conduct additional “90-Day Challenge” programs in the new lab, as well as solutions-focused hackathons and other activities to promote innovation. These engagements and innovations should also help to create additional business opportunities for NCR, the release said.

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