7 must-see sessions at the ATM industry’s biggest annual conference

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With so much to see and only so much time, there are tough choices to be made about what to take in at this year’s ATMIA U.S. conference in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 14–17. But while you’re penciling-in your calendar, here are a few items to consider adding in ink:

1) Workshops

For the first time, workshops are included in registration fees for the conference. And they’re well worth the additional night’s hotel stay, if required. Topics this year will include the up-and-coming retail cash management segment, as well as the perennial issue of contract management, the pressing problems of EMV implementation and complex questions about the future of ATM operating systems.

2) Town hall

If you missed last year’s inaugural town hall meeting, here’s a word of advice: Don’t do that again. The one-hour open session gave attendees the opportunity to speak up, share ideas, raise important issues and address questions to industry experts and advocates. With a new administration and agenda at work in Washington, D.C. and the certainty of uncertainty ahead, the atmosphere at this year’s meeting will be electric.

3) Exhibit hall: High-tech, history and hobnobbing

This is the place to see what’s coming next in ATM hardware, software and services. This year, it’s also the place to see how far the humble cash box has come, at a special exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the world’s first hole-in-the-wall. And as always, it’s the place for cocktails, confabs and new business connections at evening receptions immediately following day-one workshops and day-two breakouts.

4) Keynote: Herman Edwards

If you know a little about pro football, you know Herm Edwards is not a guy to pull his punches. The former head coach of the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs calls it as he sees it and he sees it as it is. Now an in-studio analyst for ESPN, Edwards is known for Herm-isms (You play to win the game. Hello? You don’t play to just play it.) and closely held values of hard work, communication, integrity and legacy.

5) Session: 4 ways to contain costs and develop new ATM revenue

Rising expenses are forcing a fundamental rethinking of ATM operation — particularly in terms of reducing the cost of ATM operation while realizing additional income. Steve Gernes, vice president of ISO sales and strategy at Elan Financial Services, will outline four strategies for containing costs and developing new ATM revenue opportunities in 2017 — and they’re not the same old things you’ve heard a billion times before.

6) Roundtable: Cardless transactions

Are deployers bound for a future that requires them to “go cardless or go home”? Maybe. It’s certain providers must evolve to stay relevant and that, to consumers, relevance means mobile access, money transfer, rewards redemption and more — all plastic-free. A team of seven payments pros will join moderator Donna Embry, chief payments advisor at Payment Alliance International, to lay out the options for operators.

7) Presentation: The evolution of branch transformation

Even in a digital world, banks continue to devote attention to the branch. Why? Well, for the same reason Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle: Because people want to go there — just not necessarily for all the same reasons they used to. Bancsource VP of Branch Transformation Jim Hawkes will talk about what’s coming next and what it means for the self-service industry.

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