‘Alexa, is my checking account overdrawn again?’

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D3 Banking, a provider of digital solutions to replace online and mobile banking products, has introduced intelligent voice banking using Amazon’s virtual personal assistant, Alexa.

A high level of precision, combined with consumers’ desire for convenience, gives voice-activated digital the potential to catch on with a wide variety of consumers, according to a D3 press release.

The voice interface will allow consumers to check account balances, move money, listen to messages and manage financial goals via simple voice commands. FIs can use the data collected from these interactions to personalize responses with strategic marketing and calls to action.

“Voice assistants may be a novelty, but voice recognition technology is becoming increasingly advanced, and artificial intelligence will play an integral role in banking’s user experience,” D3 Banking CEO Mark Vipond said in the release. “By offering voice-activated banking … we are breaking down the barriers of friction and need for special knowledge from end users. The customers and prospects we discussed this feature with have been enthusiastic about its potential.”

D3 products use an open and flexible infrastructure. This, API-driven architecture enables credit unions and banks to address innovative features such as intelligent voice banking quickly and with less expense, the company said.

Initially, D3 Banking will integrate its voice-activated banking capability with Amazon’s Alexa. The company intends to add other virtual assistants, such as Google Home, in the future, the release said.

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