Withdraw Cash Wednesday campaign prep gets underway

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The Withdraw Cash Wednesday social media campaign is up and running.

FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages, a website and a short video encourage consumers to visit ATMs every Wednesday and spend with cash for the upcoming weekend, a press release from the ATM Industry Association said.

The campaign is gearing up for an official kickoff the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, with efforts continuing through Black Friday and the Christmas holiday shopping season.

According to ATMIA, financial institutions and independent deployers can drive consumer ATM withdrawals and cash spending in the following ways:

1. Join the campaign
Receive regular reminders to withdraw cash on Wednesdays, as well as no-nonsense cash spending and budgeting tips via email or text.

2. Be a sponsor
Help fund the campaign and in return gain brand exposure.

3. Promote at your ATMs
Order decals and signage to raise awareness of Withdraw Cash Wednesday among ATM users.

4. Spread the word
Request an email template that you can use to send information and updates to customers and partners. Deployers can also promote the initiative via their own newsletters and social media channels.

5. Volunteer
Contribute your time and talents to the Withdraw Cash Wednesday initiative.

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