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October’s gone and, with it, the clamor and rush of fall conferences and trade shows, where branch transformation and the role of self-service devices continued to be hot topics, as underscored by our top three features of the month.

In case you missed the shows — or the coverage — now’s the time to catch up. So, grab a leftover package of M&M’s from the trick-or-treat bowl and enjoy the read.

5) Why FIs need to offer their own mobile wallet

Most consumers want one payment app on their phone, and most would prefer it to be their bank’s. But with the “Pays” getting the jump on mobile wallets, FIs must act quickly to capture consumers going mobile.
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4) Stealth and destruction: How to stop 2 extreme ATM threats

One is silent and unseen, the other pure shock and awe. Deep insert skimming and explosive attacks are both potentially devastating, and both are migrating around the world faster than you might think.
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3) From promising to proven: The state of branch transformation

Increasing numbers of financial institutions are trading in their transactional hub-and-spoke branch networks for technology-enabled, consumer-centric financial centers. And consumers are loving it.
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2) Branch Transformation by design, part 2: The cautionary tale of Kodak

How does a company’s greatest strength become its biggest liability? Executives at the Bank Customer Experience Summit got pointers to help them avoid making Kodak’s mistakes as they transform their business.
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1) Branch transformation by design, part 1: ‘Why?’ ‘How?’ ‘Who?

A three-part series from the BCX Summit starts with a case study of Flushing Bank, where branch transformation reduced FTEs by 28 percent (without layoffs) and cut operating costs by 20 percent.
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