ATMIA paper advises members on jackpotting mitigation

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The ATM Industry Association has published a paper meant to help association members defend their ATMs against jackpotting.

“These kinds of attacks, however sophisticated, are not insurmountable problems for our industry,” ATMIA CEO Mike Lee said in a press release. “Our members can reduce the risk of jackpotting dramatically by implementing best practices recommended in our new paper.”

Defending against Jackpotting was compiled by the ATM security consultant Douglas Russell, with input from law enforcement agencies and members. The publication recommends forming close ties with law enforcement agencies to share information and best practices, the release said.

The manual describes several varieties of jackpotting attacks and recommends risk mitigation measures that can confound criminals.

“As threats evolve with changing technology, so our industry needs to invest in security solutions and security resources,” Lee said. “In the end, an investment in security is an premium paid towards preserving customer trust in the channel for years to come.”

Defending against Jackpotting is available in the best practices section of the ATMIA website.


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