7 in 10 consumers ‘reassured’ by FI’s alerts of possible fraud

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In an informal poll conducted by the European Association for Secure Transactions, the majority of respondents said they were reassured by steps taken by their bank to contact them about suspicious transactions or block their account for that reason.

EAST found that 68 percent of respondents were reassured that their bank was on top of things; 15 percent said they felt safer knowing that their bank was on the lookout for these transactions; 8 percent said they felt “violated” in that their privacy was compromised; 8 percent felt threatened that their information had been compromised and their money illegally used.

The poll was conducted from January through April; a new poll by EAST asks whether respondents believe that the new Payments Service Directive 2, implemented in January, will revolutionize the payments system.

Take the new poll and view past poll results here.

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