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July can be a slow and sleepy summer month. Or not. At ATM Marketplace it was definitely “or not,” as we worked to bring you articles on ATM security-related topics (i.e., EMV, Windows 10, video monitoring, physical and logical security).

On top of that, we worked to launch an all-new newsletter on July 25. World of Money brings you a daily fast-reading roundup of  industry news and trends revolving around “the business of money and the transfer of value.” You can learn more about World of Money and sign up for the free daily newsletter here.

Anyhow … if your month was as busy as ours, you might have missed a couple of the top ATM Marketplace stories for July. No worries. We’ve got them for you right here. 

5) Is your ATM security keeping the bases covered?

As threats to ATMs evolve so, too, do security measures. To keep your ATM terminals secure, make sure you’ve got everything covered — inside and out, and from top hat to anchor bolts.

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4) 8 benefits of video monitoring for ATMs

From settling disputes to cementing loyalty, video monitoring systems offer any number of benefits to an ATM deployer. However many there are besides the eight listed here, they add up to one big benefit for both the provider and the end user: peace of mind.

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3) EMV at the ATM: A lot of progress, but a long way to go

There are still thousands of ATMs across the U.S. that are not yet EMV compliant. This presents an opportunity for operators of older machines to upgrade to modern, higher-security solutions.

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2) Keeping up with the millennial generation … at the ATM

Millennials — the “experiential” generation — tend to steer away from big, corporate brands and toward smaller, lesser-known companies that reflect their values. This “reverse branding” trend presents three distinct opportunities for ATM operators.

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1) Why there’s no escaping Windows 10 migration

Although there is the possibility of a future non-Microsoft OS for ATMs, such a solution has yet to be developed and unveiled. In the meantime, most FIs have two options vis-à-vis Windows 10: upgrade or outsource.

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