Walmart launches Dotcom store technology to allow in-store website orders

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Walmart is deploying a Dotcom store service that allows in-store customers to buy items on, with the help of store associates who can place orders on their handheld touchscreen devices, according to a news release.

The service lets customers pay for items via cash, check, credit, debit or Walmart Pay and have them shipped directly to the customer home or store location, according to the release. The service is now available in all of Walmart’s 4,700 stores and will be offered year-around.

“The Dotcom store offers customers even more assortment options than what’s on our physical shelves — whether that be different sizes, colors or varieties,” said Tom Ward, senior vice iof digital and central operations,” Walmart US in the release.

After ordering the item through an associate, customers get a printed ticket or email or text with a barcode and can pay at any in-store register. After paying for the item, the shipment process begins.

The Dotcom store app includes all items sold and shipped by Walmart, however the company plans to add marketplace items to the app in the future. The app is not available in Arkansas, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, according to the release.

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