All the best: ATM Marketplace top 10 features of 2018

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In 2018, major players and pain points headlined: the first ATM jackpotting attacks on U.S. soil; the next Windows operating system upgrade; and the ongoing efforts of the ATM manufacturing sector to align itself with an increasingly digital world.

Here’s a final look at our most-read stories of the year …

10) Why there’s no escaping Windows 10 migration

Although there is the possibility of a future non-Microsoft OS for ATMs, such a solution has yet to be implemented or fully embraced by the industry. In the meantime, most financial institutions have two options vis-à-vis Windows 10: upgrade or outsource.


9) Diebold looks for traction amid integration effort, anemic ATM sales

Diebold recently held its first earnings call since the departure of Andy Mattes. Aside from his absence, the Q4 presentation was about the same as the previous three, showing slow ATM sales, modest gains for software and services, and ongoing integration costs.


8) How 125 ATM industry players plan to make Windows 10 your last Microsoft upgrade

Key players in the ATM industry have set aside their competitive differences to collaborate on a future-proof, app-based standard that will end the constant cycle of Microsoft upgrade deadlines and give deployers virtually unlimited ability to customize their ATM networks.


7) 5 reasons to be bullish on Cardtronics

Cardtronics faces headwinds in a global cash delivery market that is increasingly competitive and uncertain. But if the company can build on a culture of operational excellence while shoring up a wounded balance sheet, its future would appear to be bright.



6) NCR turns the page on a challenging year

In a late afternoon earnings call on Feb. 8, NCR Corp. delivered the final word on disappointing earnings results for 2017 and described some of the “transformational efforts” the company is now undertaking in order to change up the storyline in 2018.



5) When ATM cash recycling makes sense

Neill Harris of NCR Corp. offers an in-depth look at the demonstrated benefits of ATM cash recycling, and the three simple steps that all deployers — whether FI or IAD — should take to maximize these benefits when introducing ATM cash recycling into their fleet.


4) ATM forecasts and fortunes for 2018

Blogger Daryl Cornell of Triton Systems offers five fearless predictions for 2018 — along with the caveat that any or all might be “off the mark, highly questionable or just plain wrong.” ATM Marketplace will be bookmarking this page for review 365 days from now.



3) After years of warnings, ATM jackpotting strikes the US

Now that EMV has taken much of the profit out of ATM skimming, criminals are taking up more sophisticated methods of thievery. So it was that the Secret Service confirmed last week that ATM jackpotting crime has, at long last, arrived in the U.S.



2) Banks at a crossroads: The future of ATMs

In North America, the ATM channel is maintaining its central role as a core banking touchpoint with the consumer. But on the other side of the ocean, some major European companies seem to think the ATM channel is a dying business. So, who is right?


1) Diebold Nixdorf and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

There’s no other way to describe Aug. 1 in the annals of Diebold Nixdorf history. The company reported unpleasantly surprising Q2 earnings first thing in the morning, and it was right downhill from there, as DN stock tumbled 37 percent by the end of the day.

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