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House Committee Activity

Education and Labor

Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services
The Future of Work: Protecting Workers’ Civil Rights in the Digital Age

Wednesday, February 5 2:00 PM
2175 RHOB
More information and webcast available here.


Financial Services

Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development, and Insurance
A Future Without Public Housing? Examining the Trump Administration’s Efforts to Eliminate Public Housing

Wednesday, February 5 2:00 PM
2128 RHOB
Witness panel:
Ms. Sylvia Blanco, Chief Operating Officer, Housing Authority of the City of Austin
Mr. Bobby Collins, Executive Director, Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport
Ms. Susan Popkin, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute
Ms. Kate Walz, Vice President of Advocacy, Shriver Center on Poverty Law
Text of Legislation:

  • H.R.___: The Public Housing Tenant Protection Act of 2020 [PDF]
  • H.R. 5187- The Housing is Infrastructure Act of 2019 (Waters) [PDF]
  • H.R.___: The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Act of 2019 [PDF]
  • H.R.___: The Averting Crises in Housing Assistance (ACHA) Act [PDF]

Support Documents

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]
  • Hearing Memo [PDF]


Full Committee
Rent-A-Bank Schemes and New Debt Traps: Assessing Efforts to Evade State Consumer Protections and Interest Rate Caps

Wednesday, February 5 10:00 AM
2128 RHOB
Witness panel:
The Honorable Monique Limón, Chair, Banking and Finance Committee, California State Assembly
Ms. Graciela Aponte-Diaz, Director of Federal Campaigns, Center for Responsible Lending
Ms. Creola Johnson, Professor, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Ms. Lauren Saunders, Associate Director, National Consumer Law Center
Mr. Brian Knight, Director and Senior Research Fellow, Program on Innovation and Governance, Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Text of Legislation:

  • H.R. 5050- The Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act (Garcia-IL- Grothman) [PDF]

Support Documents:

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]
  • Hearing Memo [PDF]


Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
Fake It Till They Make It: How Bad Actors Use Astroturfing to Manipulate Regulators, Disenfranchise Consumers and Subvert the Rulemaking Process

Thursday, February 6 2:00 PM
2128 RHOB
Support Documents:

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]


Full Committee
Protecting Consumers or Allowing Consumer Abuse? A Semi-Annual Review of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Thursday, February 6 10:00 AM
2128 RHOB
Support Documents:

  • Hearing Notice [PDF]


House Floor Activity


Legislation Considered Pursuant to a Rule:

H.R. 2474 Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019 [PDFThis legislation would amend the National Labor Relations Act with relation to unionized workers, making several updates to current law including exemptions from labor law protections by employee classification, strike participation, required meetings where union membership is discouraged, class action litigation, and other related matters.

H.R. 5687 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief and Puerto Rico Disaster Tax Relief Act, 2020 [PDFThis legislation would make supplemental appropriations to address recent natural disasters in Puerto Rico and make related changes to tax law amongst other provisions. Appropriations would be allocated to the Departments of Energy, Education, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development. Funding is also included for nutrition assistance programs.

Legislation Considered Under Suspension of the Rules:

Veterans’ Affairs; Transportation and Infrastructure; and Oversight and Reform legislation is expected on the floor.

List of Suspensions:

  • H.R. 3976 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 12711 East Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, as the “Aretha Franklin Post Office Building” [PDF]
  • H.R. 4794 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 8320 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, as the “Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini Post Office Building” [PDF]
  • H.R. 4981 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 2505 Derita Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the “Julius L. Chambers Civil Rights Memorial Post Office” [PDF]
  • H.R. 5037 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 3703 North Main Street in Farmville, North Carolina, as the “Walter B. Jones, Jr. Post Office” [PDF]
  • H.R. 3317 To permit the Scipio A. Jones Post Office in Little Rock, Arkansas, to accept and display a portrait of Scipio A. Jones, and for other purposes [PDF]
  • H.R. 4279 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 445 Main Street in Laceyville, Pennsylvania, as the “Melinda Gene Piccotti Post Office” [PDF]
  • H.R. 4305 PAWS for Veterans Therapy Act [PDF]
  • H.R. 4044 Protect and Restore America’s Estuaries Act, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 1132 San Francisco Bay Restoration Program, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 2247 PUGET SOS Act, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 1620 Chesapeake Bay Program Reauthorization Act, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 4031 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2019 [PDF]
  • H.R. 4275 To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to reauthorize the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program, and for other purposes, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 2382 USPS Fairness Act [PDF]
  • H.R. 3830 Taxpayer Right-to-Know Act, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 3941 FedRAMP Authorization Act, as amended [PDF]
  • H.R. 5214 Representative Payee Fraud Protection Act of 2019 [PDF]
  • S. 375 Payment Information Integrity Act of 2019 [PDF]
  • S. 394 Presidential Transition Act Enhancement Act of 2019 [PDF]


U.S. Senate

Senate Committee Activity


Hearings to examine the nominations of Kipp Kranbuhl, of Ohio, to be an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Sarah C. Arbes, of Virginia, to be an Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Jason J. Fichtner, of the District of Columbia, to be a Member of the Social Security Advisory Board
Wednesday, February 5 10:00 AM
Witness panel:
Mr. Kipp Kranbuhl, Of Ohio, To Be An Assistant Secretary Of The Treasury, United States Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC
Ms. Sarah C. Arbes, Of Virginia, To Be An Assistant Secretary Of Health And Human Services, United States Departmetn of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC
Mr. Jason J. Fichtner, Of The District Of Columbia, To Be A Member Of The Social Security Advisory Board For A Term Expiring September 30, 2024, United States Social Security Administration, Washington, DC
More information and webcast available here.


Senate Floor Activity

The Senate will next convene at 11:00am on Monday, February 3, 2020.

Following the prayer and pledge, the Senate will sit as a Court of Impeachment for the trial of Donald J. Trump, President of the United States. Pursuant to S.Res.488, there will be up to 4 hours, equally divided, for closing arguments between the House managers and the President’s counsel.

After closing arguments, at approximately 3:00pm, the Senate will adjourn as a Court of Impeachment but will remain in legislative session and be in a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each for debate only.

Following Monday’s adjournment, the Senate will next convene as a Court of Impeachment on Wednesday, February 5th at 4:00pm, and vote on the Articles of Impeachment. The Senate will be in legislative session for morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each on Tuesday, February 4th. The State of the Union will be at 9:00pm on Tuesday.

The Secretary will be authorized to include statements of senators explaining their votes, either given or submitted during the legislative sessions of the Senate on Monday, February 3rdTuesday, February 4th; and Wednesday, February 5th; along with the full record of the Senate’s proceedings and the filings by the parties in a Senate document printed under the supervision of the Secretary of the Senate that will complete the documentation of the Senate’s handling of these Impeachment Proceedings.

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